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About Me

Years ago, I was new to the game. I met with a well known "coach" who was known for guiding first time figure competitors to stage. We had an initial consult. She told me my shoulders were too wide, I carried too much muscle and I would NEVER do well in the sport. She shot me down before I had a chance to even try. WOW. I'll never forget that day. The criticism, the judgement both spoken and unspoken I received that day was so far out of line, it blows my mind STILL. Shamed me. Cut me to the core. It's like telling a small child they are destined for a life of failure. Cruel, unfounded, and immature. Shame on her! We can grow into ANYTHING we want!


I used that experience as a foundation for building my business. When you walk in the door, you'll find nothing but unconditional support and love. There's no judgement here!

I WILL nudge you out of your comfort zone, I WILL NOT candy coat it, I WILL make it uncomfortable and I will ALWAYS be in your corner and cheer for you. With ALL the respect and care everyone deserves.

Let's do this!

- Maria Fulton

 CPT, CSFN / Owner

Customized Nutrition • Personal Training • Body Composition Testing

What Clients Say

"When I started out with Maria, I weighed 177 pounds. I wasn't comfortable in my own skin. I was TIRED and didn't feel great. I knew that I was overweight and that needed to change, but I didn't think it was possible.

I thought dieting would be difficult, it seemed like such a chore. I thought WRONG. It wasn't easy, yet Maria makes things fun. She pushed me to the right extent.

I weigh 138 lbs now, and am happy and have energy! I look forward to my meetings with Maria and am beyond excited to keep going!"

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The Studio

Come train in my beautiful studio space. Private, one on one nutrition consulting and personal training…come experience the absolute best!


Get Started

Be willing to try and fail, yet holding yourself highly accountable to do what you can, when you can, with what you can. Crappy day? Jammed things up due to poor planning? So what. Get after it, pronto. Over ate? Cool. We have all done it.

How can you disrupt old behaviors and habits taking over again when you have an off moment. Create disruptions to those behaviors.


How do you restart with grace and continual effort? Write this stuff down. Over time, the small efforts compound into big stuff. The stuff you want. The goals you created. Every little bit counts!

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