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My Background

I discovered my love for fitness and lifting after the birth of my first daughter, almost 15 years ago. After childbirth, I was left with a flubbery, out of shape body I didn't recognize. I was VERY sure I couldn't go through life feeling and looking like I did then. From then on, it was game on. I did everything I could to learn about training, nutrition, and educating myself the best I could…took college nutrition classes, read lots of books, LOTS of trial and error. Its been a progression, both mentally and physically for me over the years, learning more, and implementing better strategies in the gym, refining my nutrition, and learning learning learning.


I am ISSA certified, with an emphasis in Fitness Nutrition. In addition, I have 15 years of experience in the gym and am a National Level Figure Competitor. My last competition was in 2012, where I took first place and the overall, earning Miss Figure Nevada State title.


In addition to the Nevada state title, my most recent competition was in November of 2013 where I competed in Denver, Colorado at “The Rocky”. I took 1st place in Figure Tall, Figure Masters, and the Overall title in Figure Masters. In addition, I have competed in many shows and have always placed in the top 3 rankings.


I have a love for the weights, and really enjoy the challenge and journey of competing. I love interacting with people, I love the personal connection this job offers. I love being a part of the education process, and the physical journey I am privileged to share with my clients. I am inspired every single day.

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